Exim keep local and deliver to remote host by smtp


Feb 26, 2012
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Root Administrator

I am not very much familiar with Exim4 config, but I need to achieve the following and hope you will be able to assist me.

I have a cPanel/WHM on VPS which is configured as a backup email server (for now). I also have my own MS Exchange that configured to accept emails for my domain. MX records point to Exchange first and to backup host second. This works fine.

What I would like to is as follows:
1. Change MX records to make VPS primary (and only) mail exchanger
2. All locally inbound email will be filtered by SpamAssassin and ClamAV
3. All locally inbound email will be permanently saved to local maildir and then forwarded to MS Exchange

Can you please help me configure this in a way that will survive WHM upgrades?

Thank you,