Exim/MailScanner/SA Problem


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Jan 6, 2004
New Jersey
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Hi, having a problem with Exim+Mailscanner (Chirpy's) since upgrading to CP11. Things seem to be working fine when suddenly I see a piece of mail slip right through, unscanned and obviously spam. When I look up the message ID in exim_mainlog, I see the line "Spool not found" like this:

Spool file 1I6oeq-0002xV-Tu-D not found
SpamAssassin is disabled within CPanel. All checks on the WHM Exim setup page have been removed where relating to SA. I've updated to latest CP (Current) and done a forced eximup. Last night I even backed up my custom settings (thinking I had just created the error myself by accident in exim.conf) and reset to default Exim settings then rebuilt my custom settings.

Mailscanner appears to be working normally, it is scanning, logging and blocking spam. I do have the "use the old transport system" checked on the WHM Exim config page, since there was an issue with the MS system and the new ACL checks in CP11's set up.

Anyone else having these kinds of issues or have a suggestion what might being going on? Thanks in advance.


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Jun 1, 2002
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I have had a huge increase in mail volume since the upgrade.
I upgraded to Current 14829, and then decided to try the resetting to exim defaults, and manually adding my custom acls.

Also using the old transport system.

Mail handled by Mailscanner has nearly doubled.
It's like my old ACLs blocking bad HELOs and sender verify, aren't enough anymore.

I wondered if it was just a big wave a spam (especially those recent pdf spams), but on a server I didn't mess with the exim settings, volume is constant.

I haven't had a chance to compare the 2 exim.conf line by line to see what could be causing the issue.