Exim making the server load crazy ......??


Sep 2, 2004
I had a problem with a server its load was increasing like crazy, I ran fixeverything which took a very long time and after it fixed all quotas than the server load came down from 70 to 0.5 :) and than from 0.5 to 75 :eek: :mad: . All this happened in just a 10 minute interval. :cool:
Then I checked email queue which contained around 3500 emails in queue I deleted all messages, but nothing happened, I really don't know wat to do can please anyone help me.?


Dec 17, 2003
Do you host safelists?

I host safelists (opt-in mailing lists) and these generate massive server loads and millions of emails, I have some modifications for Exim config file that you can use through the WHM exim editor, they will not alleviate all our load problems, espescialy if you do have a spammer on the server but if you are hosting safelists then these may help:

Go to the Service Configuration menu
Click the 'Exim Configuration Editor' menu item
Click the 'Switch to advanced mode' button
paste these into the 1st box:

#nobody as the sender seems to annoy people
#local_from_check = false
#let -f switch work like with other mailers
untrusted_set_sender = *
#send messages immediatelly instead of queueing up to given number at once
smtp_accept_queue_per_connection = 6000
#better performance for a lot of messages
split_spool_directory = true
#default 5 queue runners is too little
queue_run_max = 50
rfc1413_query_timeout = 2s
deliver_queue_load_max = 60