Exim not sending fqdn as required


Dec 14, 2011
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I am having great difficulty setting the exim configuration in my setup to send the Fully Qualified Domain Name when the server connects to a remote host. Because it is not sending th FQDN but rather the IP address, my mail is being marked as spam when in fact it is not.

A quick check at this website: /http://www.mail-tester.com

and using their free tool gives feedback about SMTP transactions from the receiving end. Mine, originating from Hostgator, are not sending the FQDN in the tranasaction.

I have contacted support and they keep having me toggle the Sever Configuration -> Exim Configuration Manager -> Domains and IP's Tab -> "Send mail from account’s dedicated IP address" and properly create the mailhelo and mailips files.

This was all done multiple times both toggling "Send mail from account’s dedicated IP address" on and off to no avail.

The files mailips and mailhelo are setup correctly. Exim version 4.82.

This is a VPS with two IP static addresses. Their are multiple domains on this VPS and all but one are folded into one of the IP addresses, leaving the other one only for this outgoing mail server and one domain and IP assocaited with it.

Someone please help me I'm going nuts!

Just tell me what you need to know and I'll happily provide it -- logs, configuration files, etc.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Are you sure the remote mail server is not detecting the mail as SPAM due to a lack of a RDNS record? For instance, have you checked to ensure your IP addresses have RDNS records setup pointing to the hostname of the server?

Thank you.