exim or domain problem, dunno :(


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Mar 31, 2002
Hi, i have this problem, one of our clients in Cpanel server have another account in our Ensim server, when he try to send a mail from Cpanel to ensim or vice-versa, allways get a bounce, if i make a dig or ping one server detect the other but when send a mail to specificly to the client domain it bounce.

i did run this command in the cpanel server:

/usr/sbin/exim -bt -d5 [email protected]

and i get this errors, but i dunno why:

Exim version 3.36 debug level 5 uid=0 gid=0
Berkeley DB: Sleepycat Software: DB 2.4.14: (6/2/98)
Caller is an admin user
Caller is a trusted user
central_filter director: file = /etc/vfilters/client-domain.com
/etc/vfilters/client-domain.com not found
virtual_aliases_nostar director: lsearch [email protected]
virtual_aliases_nostar director skipped: file failed to open and optional flag set
virtual_aliases director: lsearch* [email protected]
virtual_aliases director skipped: file failed to open and optional flag set
userforward director declined for test (not a user)
localuser director declined for test: no such user
system_aliases director: lsearch key=test
system_aliases director declined for test:
[email protected] is undeliverable:
unknown local-part &test& in domain &client-domain.com&

Any help will be apreciated. ;)