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Apr 15, 2004

I have 3 production servers. All have the latest cpanel installed. All have Freebsd 5.4 with exim 4.62.0

My company email account resides on server 3, where I get sever log emails from all servers.

-> [email protected] sends log emails to my [email protected] (on server 3) without any problems; server logs, new account information, etc etc. server 3 receives and delivers it to my mailbox (local delivery on server3).


-> When

1) [email protected] or
2) [email protected]

sends the same server logs, new account notifications etc etc for server 1 to my email address, it gets a 'sender verify failed' from server 3.

Server 3 accepts email just fine from server 2, but in the same situation, doesn't accept mail from server 1.

Server 1 was recently re-built. It has no accounts on it. I had this problem, when I created a new account and checked the mail server queue. All mails from server 1 were frozen in queue because server 3 was not accepting them.

Need an insight and help! into the matter


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Oct 24, 2003
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sounds like
hostname.server1.com does not have an A entry for the DNS I would chaeck that

and if you turn off sender verify in your exim.conf on server 3 it will deliver


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Apr 15, 2004
Update on the scenario

DNS is setup properly..

Note: Hostnames, domain names are masked in the scenario.

All hostnames;

- hostname.server1.com
- hostname.server2.com
- hostname.server3.com

are proper FQDNs' in their respective zone files.

-> The domain name => server1.com is completely (website, ftp, mx, etc etc) hosted on server2 at the moment.

-> cp.server1.com is the hostname of server 1. Now when log emails are generated by cpanel from;

- [email protected] (my office email set in .forward file under ~ for root)
- [email protected] (my office email set in .forward file under ~ for cpanel)
- [email protected] (my office email set in .forward file under ~ for nobody)

I get the following in exim logs;

2006-06-09 23:21:15 1Fou05-000KJx-M1 <= [email protected] U=root P=local S=611525
2006-06-09 23:21:15 1Fou05-000KJx-M1 remote host address is the local host: cp.server1.com
2006-06-09 23:21:15 1Fou05-000KJx-M1 == [email protected] R=lookuphost defer (-1): remote host address is the local host
2006-06-09 23:21:15 1Fou05-000KJx-M1 Frozen

The email! ... rather than getting forwarded to my office address, gets frozen in the server queue. At server 3 (where my office email is hosted), I get;

2006-06-01 09:59:22 H=(cp.server1.com) [xx.xx.xx.xx(IP of server1)] sender verify fail for <[email protected]>: response to "RCPT TO:<[email protected]
om>" from mail.server1.com [xx.xxx.xxx.xxx(IP of server2)] was: 550-cp.server3.com [xx.xxx.xxx.xxx (ip of server 3)] is currently not permitted to relay\n550-th
rough this server. Perhaps you have not logged into the pop/imap server\n550-in the last 30 minutes or do not have SMTP Authenticati
on turned on in your\n550 email client.
2006-06-01 09:59:22 H=(cp.server1.com) [xx.xx.xx.xx(ip of server 1)] F=<[email protected]> rejected RCPT <m[email protected]>: Sender verify fail

Note: At some later time, domain server1.com is to be shifted from server 2 to server 1. Prior to this, the domain server1.com was shifted from server1 to server 2, so that server 1 could be re-built. After re-building server 1, it is back up now. But! untill the websites/domain.tld is shifted, I need to get logs from server1 to reach my office email.
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