exim problem that should be fixed by cpanel


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Mar 8, 2003
this is in refence to:


I dont know how to get them to add something to the list of work to do but I finally figured out what caused my massive server load...

i had an account say abc.com, that account did not want any email from the default mailbox so they wanted to use the "fail" directive however they entered it as:




like it should have been. since this was a catch all mail box exim would forward the email to the "fail" user that didnt exist that went to the catch all again creating a loop that caused the server load to shoot from like 1-3 up to 300-400.

So in the end there should be some type of check to make sure those fail/blackhole directives are entered correctly.

I am sure i am not the only one that has seen this problem and it was a *bitch* to find :)