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Oct 20, 2006
Cheshire, UK

I have the following setup on my domain:

mail.domain. A <Exchange Server IP>
mailbackup.domain. A <Exim Server IP>
domain. MX 10 mail.domain.
domain. MX 20 mailbackup.domain.

The idea being should my Exchange server be down, mail will be collected by the
Exim server. Exim will then "ping" my Exchange server every 15
minutes for 2 hours (as the config states) and, after a successful connection,
deliver the email.

This isn't happening.

Instead, Exim tries pinging the server as soon as email hits it for the first
time, then doesn't try again for another 40 minutes!! Any additional mail that
hits the backup doesn't trigger a ping either!

Really, I need Exim to be pinging the Exchange server every minute for 15
minutes, then every 10 minutes for the remaining 4 hours, followed by every 30
minutes thereafter for the remaining 5 days. In addition any additional email
*should* trigger a ping.

Can anyone help/advise?

Just for the record, I'm running a dedicated server using cPanel 10.9.0-R79 with Exim 4.52.

Thanks in advance,