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Exim RBL check / lsearch oddity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nxds, May 31, 2006.

  1. nxds

    nxds Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2006
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    I have been using this stanza in exim.conf for checking against RBLs but to exclude authenticated users:

      deny   message = rejected because $sender_host_address is in a blacklist at $dnslist_domain see $dnslist_text
             !hosts = +relay_hosts
             !authenticated = *
             dnslists = : : :
    I discovered today that IP addresses appearing in /etc/relayhosts were still being checked in the dnslists even though the line !hosts = +relay_hosts suggests they shouldn't. (relay_hosts is defined as: hostlist relay_hosts = lsearch:/etc/relayhosts : localhost)

    On investigation with exim -bh <>, I found that a hostname check, not an IP check was being done against /etc/relayhosts. After a bit of trial and error, I discovered that the lsearch was causing this to happen because using:
    hostlist rbl_whitelist = /etc/relayhosts : localhost
    would work as expected.

    Any comments as to why lsearch would cause such dramatically different behaviour?

    Here are some snippets from exim -bh showing the debug output. 1st using lsearch:
    >>> processing "deny"
    >>> check !hosts = +relay_hosts
    >>> sender host name required, to match against lsearch;/etc/relayhosts
    >>> looking up host name for 212.60.x.x
    >>> IP address lookup using gethostbyaddr()
    >>> IP address lookup failed: h_errno=1
    LOG: no host name found for IP address 212.60.x.x
    >>> host in "lsearch;/etc/relayhosts : localhost"? no (failed to find host name for
    >>> host in "+relay_hosts"? no (end of list)
    >>> check !authenticated = *
    >>> check dnslists = : : :
    Now without lsearch:
    >>> processing "deny"
    >>> check !hosts = +rbl_whitelist
    >>> gethostbyname looked up these IP addresses:
    >>>   name=localhost address=
    >>> host in "/etc/relayhosts : localhost"? yes (matched "212.60.x.x")
    >>> host in "+rbl_whitelist"? yes (matched "+rbl_whitelist")
    >>> deny: condition test failed
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