Exim Route / Relay Emails Specific for a Domain


Nov 16, 2012
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Hello all!

Here is the scenario: The IP of one of shared server I am managing is blacklisted in hotmail (only hotmail and nowhere else - all blacklisting dbs, gmail, yahoo are fine). And believe me I am not spamming.

I have contacted them many times and have followed their instructions signed up for their junk mail reporting system etc. Setup the spf records. However still my IP is blacklisted.

So I would like to know if we can relay / route emails sent to hotmail ids through one of my other servers using exim, until the issue is resolved?


Jeff Shotnik

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Oct 10, 2012
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Yes, you can do this with the smart host option via WHM > Exim Configuration Manager > search for "smart". If you are not the owner or abuse contact on the blacklisted IP you may need to have your service provider contact Hotmail for removal.