Exim throttle or batches


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Mar 14, 2003

Is there a way to have exim send the emails in batches or similar ?
Let's say send max 5 e-mails every 15 seconds.

Any mods for this maybe ?

Many massmailing scripts has a feature like this and that is good so the load
will not be to much when they run their mailings.
But many user do not use this or doesn't have a script that support it so if I could
do this server wide instead it would be great.
It will also stop those few times a hacker manage to abuse the system.

I wanna let my users do mass mailing, not prevent it.
Many clubs, like soccer club or adult paysites etc mail their members so it' snot spam
I'm trying to deal - just wanna let them do their mailing without to much load.

queue_only_load is not a good thing for me.
Every time I try to use it clients complain cause their email is stuck.

Using the "Send max XXX emails per hour" is not the same thing I wanna do
and even if it was, scripts run usally as nobody and use the sendmail, not users SMTP.

oh well, maybe the exim docs say something!