Exim's rejected emails going to false emails used by spammers


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Jul 30, 2005
This is one of the major problems which I have faced in last few months.
First, one of our servers got blocked by spamcop; I had to email them to get details to know why it was listed, they unlisted it after a while, but then it got listed on sorbs.net..

We have very strict rules against sending out emails(STRICTLY NO SPAM! POLICY), but here we are the ones sending bounced emails to other accounts and it has happened many times.

Now, we tried to educate users about it.. but I dont think we can communicate with every email account on all the servers (could be more then a few hundred).

I tried searching this forum and also Google'd about this, but couldn't find any good solutions for this problem.

I found this page which describes a few ways to get around this problem, but couldn't find any solution which works out of the box.

Also, while I was searching this forum I saw a post where chirpy was talking about a script he made, I'm also aware that we cannot reject emails because it's just too late... exim has to except the message to see how big it is.. and once it accepts it.. it's just too late to reject it.

Then why not reject emails if the user has used up atleast 98-99% of it's email quota?

Honestly, I dont like the idea of getting blacklisted on these lists..

Any thoughts about this?