Eximstats database missing after WHM upgrade


Apr 26, 2017
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I had an application developed using the eximstats database to get email stats, however, I forgot that my server had the automatic update enabled, and today it upgraded and the database is gone!

I try to repair it but it looks like this new version does not need the eximstats database.

Is there any way to enable it back?

Is there a way to read the eximstats logs again using mysql? or another method?

I would really appreciate your help.

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Apr 11, 2011

The previous post is correct. Eximstats uses SQLite in cPanel 64. Here's a quote from the 64 Release Notes with more information about this change:

eximstats now uses SQLite
In cPanel & WHM version 64, we now use SQLite instead of MySQL® for cPanel's eximstats database. The new SQLite database will reside in the /var/cpanel directory to keep the database on the same partition as the /var/lib/mysql directory. When you install or upgrade cPanel & WHM, the /scripts/slurp_exim_mainlog script will re-import your /var/log/exim_mainlog data. Your eximstats data and the Mail Delivery Report data will be unavailable while this import occurs.

If the SQLite database becomes corrupt or unreadable, the system will automatically remove the old database and create a new one. However, the exim_mainlog data will only be re-imported a single time every seven days to avoid an infinite re-import loop. The system moves corrupted databases to /var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3.broken.<timestamp> where <timestamp> represents the time in a Unix timestamp. The system retains a maximum of three broken databases so that server owners can attempt to fix the corrupted databases.
Thank you.