Expired site SSL certificates


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Jan 20, 2012
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What steps need to be taken when SSL Cerficate on account has expired? :)

Do I delete the expired one and generate new?

These are my own self signed certificates I use for several of my accounts when logging in cms admin panels and for site logins. The accounts have their own dedicated IP's

It's really to much of a hassle and annoyance to generate new ones instead of just renewing them like I do for the server Service SSL Certificates in WHM.

Update: I had no luck preparing and creating new certificate in the account panel, but managed to do it easily in WHM, so no help is needed, except if you have some comment or advice, thank you.
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can generate a new Key/CRT for a self-signed certificate and then install the updated CRT via cPanel or Web Host Manager. You are welcome to open a feature request for an option to renew self-signed certificates for accounts in a similar manner to the service certificates:

Submit A Feature Request

Thank you.