Exporting/Importing from cPanel to Cpanel


Jan 22, 2010
Hi all,

I tried to look for this option in manuals/documents but I couldn't find it.
So this is the situation:

I currently own an ISPConfig webserver and will become a WHM License owner very soon. I need to migrate from ISPConfig to Cpanel. Since ISPConfig isn't supported in the migration service, and I can't afford a lot of downtime, I planned the migration like this:

Server A = Current ISPConfig Server (real server hardware)
Server B = Temporary Cpanel server with Trial license (just some desktop)

Manually duplicate accounts on server A to server B -> Reinstall server A to Cpanel -> Export data on Server B to Server A

Can you just export all data at once in the Cpanel environment?

Again I can't afford a lot of downtime so a quick export/import would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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May 9, 2008
You will have to take the full backup of your individual account in .tar.gz format at your existing server and place it inside the root folder. Once you are done from the putty of the Server B you can wget "path to the .tar.gz file" which will download the backup file from the Server A and untar the file in your Server B.