SOLVED Extraneous Icons Displayed In cPanel


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Dec 13, 2003
I have been racking my brain for several days now over an issue where extraneous icons would appear in some users' cPanel sessions. Basically the uers in question would have an incorrect cPanel based on what their assigned package/theme/feature set was.

It came to my attention when these users would see a red warning message in cPanel upon login (upper right hand corner) 'you do not have the feature set "sslinstall".'

I tried rebuilding feature sets, changing the default and disabled feature sets, creating new packages, changing the package/feature set combination, and assigning these changes to the users in question. Nothing worked!

So finally I start poking around in the /home for each of these users and by renaming/deleting files one by one I found the cause.

If this happens to you, simply delet the following file!


All will be well.
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