Fail when doing the initial backup using R1soft


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Oct 22, 2001
I got a server with 100 virtual hosts and a few days ago, trying to use r1soft to back it up furst time, it got totally about 70GB to backup, and it runs well in the beginning, but failed when it runs about 50 hours later, cause I am doing remote backup, backup server are in US, and the client server is outside USA, and it is about 1GB/hour transfer.

After it fails, I got nothing, it seems if I click backup again, it will doing that backup again and cost another 70hours, I am wondering if it will go successful this time ?

Do u guys have experience doing remote backup (accross country), and size are above 50GB ?

I check the log, it seems the error are caused by the connection, while it backup, it lost connection for over 60 seconds.