Failed Emails - how do I resend? (Please help)


Jun 19, 2021
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Does anyone know how to 'resend' emails that failed?

In Track Delivery I have 100+ emails that didn't send from my website yesterday due to a hosting glitch and I need to resend them but can't work out how - thought they would auto send but they haven't. Is there some way to force them to resend?

They were labeled as "SMTP error from remote mail server .. 550 Invalid sender".
They were sent by my site through Gravity Forms - but the tricky thing is for security I've set Gravity Forms not to save the entries to the database so it feels cPanel mail is my only hope... there are so many forms that I need sent to me as visitors have submitted these forms to me and now they feel like they are lost :( I feel like crying. I've never had this happen before and don't know what to do.

Would love any advice / tips pretty please.
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