Failed To Copy/Move Account From Other Server


Nov 20, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

i try to move/copy 1 account from other server using cpanel menu : Home »Transfers »Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password

but it didn't work, here are the results :

Attempting to copy savicali from

Trying to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API!
Fetching current backups from remote server......0 backups found...Done
Starting the backup...Done
Waiting for backup to start...Done
Checking remote server for backups.....0 backups found.
Failed to start the backup on the remote machine (if a previous backup is in progress you will need to wait until it is complete)!
(Trace information follows for backup start request)...

(Trace information follows for initial backups)...

(Trace information follows for backups after request started)...

Failed to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API.
Trying to fetch cpmove file via ftp+cgi!
Attempting to login as savicali to via ftp
Login ok
Uploading Htaccess
Uploading Wrapper
Uploading Dectector
Uploading Packager
Uploading Downloader
Uploading Killer
Chmoding scripts
Fetching (connected:0)........(request attempt 1/12)...Resolving
how do i move the account correctly.?
need help please :confused: