Blue Eyes

Apr 13, 2009
Information is received from the company Hostimidia address, saying that the response came from the cpnael like to know if and truth.

Checking with their site, found that the redirection was done manually using the program in your index.php, then went back to their own cPanel on this issue and was following in the past.
Redirect from one domain to a sub-folder is only possible using the same programming as was done for their part, since cPanel can not accept because of the following information that is passed by the panel:
Redirecting to will cause a redirection loop because ''
which is located at /home/user/public_html/ is above '' which is located at /home/user/public_html/whmcs
Is founded in response, they are using the name of the cPanel saying that their system has failed if it does not send me an e-mail groups take action.
Thank you
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