Faster Java app performance + Ruby app performance on par with Go for cPanel by installing JBoss


Apr 12, 2013
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Recently I saw some benchmarks that really opened my eyes on our ability to get Ruby on Rails apps running at about the same speed as Go. Of course if you know anything about Go, you know that that is incredibly impressive since Go's target is C/C++ performance and is only about 10-20% off from that in most use cases.

The trick is installing JBoss AS on cPanel and then deploying TorqueBox (TorqueBox: Home) atop that. The new upcoming 4.x release brings us to the performance level just shy of Go and far ahead of all the other options right now.

I thought we could have a dialogue here about how to go about installing JBoss AS as a starting point and then move through the process of deploying TorqueBox apps and sharing our experiences.

Has anyone attempted successfully or unsuccessfully installing JBoss AS before and what were your results or roadblocks?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I could not find many existing forum threads discussing the installation of JBoss on a cPanel server. Tomcat is currently offered through EasyApache so most discussions here tend to focus on Tomcat. Feel free to submit a feature request for native JBoss AS support:

Submit A Feature Request

Otherwise, you may want to setup a test/development server and let us know the results when installing JBoss AS on a cPanel server.

Thank you.