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May 27, 2003
I know in the end it is traffic, traffic, traffic that will get hosting clients, but can some of you old-hats share some of the best ways? Pay-per-click - if yes, with who? What about companies that you pay to up your search engine indexing, do they work, who's the best?

What about any other methods you've guys used?

There are thousands of new domain names registered each month, so I know the clientel is out there, just the best way to get to them.



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Aug 8, 2003
no one will tell you a successfull way in getting clients as that would mean less clients for them, its really trial and error. I ALWAYS suggest worry about keeping your current clients happy and that will work as a advertising tool in itself.


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
Very true. My first 4 clients were related. My very first client was an internet friend and my next 3 were friends of hers. If current clients like your services, they'll tell others.

I think local advertising is the best way to start.


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Feb 7, 2003
I would have to agree with the comments above. I first started out using Google ads, posting on forums, working the search engine submission game and although that helped, it didn't give me any fast results.

I found that taking care of your existing customers, keeping your server in shape, and staying current with developments often lead to positive "word of mouth". This has resulted in probably the fastest amount of growth for us to date.

Experimenting with different marketing strategies also is a good thing.

It's funny. Most of my clients sign on because of price and features alone. However what keeps them on or drives them away is almost always service related. Perhaps it is difficult of course to measure service from afar but nonetheless a crucial factor in client retention.

Oh, and I should also mention, never give up!

Good Luck.


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Nov 5, 2003
Some Where Out There!
"Never Give Up" is exactly correct! You have faith in what you expect to accomplish in any Business you will come out a winner.

Here is a little tip and I don't mind to share with any one.

Find a WebMaster and become their best friend :D

I wish you good luck on becoming a host and welcome to the web hosting world..


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Jul 24, 2003
Adding to all the advices above... and this last one of getting a "webmaster" as a friend... i can only add... make as much webmaster as you can as friends :D

And you need to "give" so you can "receive".

Support webmasters, support non-comercial projects... and when ppl see that you do so great work without beeing concerned with money, they will be more confidence to give you the projects who bring money.

Good luck


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Jun 27, 2003
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Well what I can suggest is to give local AD in news papers magazines, computer magazines, search local yellow pages for web designers/developers call them send them mails, do every thing to get hold of local market.

I even some times help designers/developers with little scripting or any other solution/consultancy which they want and that I can afford by means of money and time, build good reputation as being good and caring host within this community.

And looking at the current trend girls/women are fast getting into web things so target them via calls, mails or by AD in Women Magazines.

Try local FM radio etc, any idea to get local market.

Most of us simply pay all are attention to get clients through search engines/internet and just skip the local market.

And as per my experience I made a very solid base starting with the local market.