'Fatal error' when try to log in web email via Cpanel

Nov 27, 2020
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Hi guys, so my problem this time is with the webmail.
When I try to login to the email via Cpanel it gives me an error:
A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive
    [INFO]=[Você não tem um usuário chamado [email protected]â. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/API.pm line 282.
at cpanel.pl line 1128.
    cpanel::cpanel::cptt_exectag("/usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/mail/webmailfor"..., 1) called at cpanel.pl line 4634
    cpanel::cpanel::run_standard_mode() called at cpanel.pl line 932
    cpanel::cpanel::script("cpanel::cpanel", "./frontend/paper_lantern/mail/webmailform.html.tt") called at cpanel.pl line 328
But when I try to login directly via webmail (www.mydomain.com.br:2096) I can log in normally.
I searched but didn't find someone with a problem in the email, just in the hole Cpanel.
What is this error?


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Jan 12, 2021
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Hello Anderson Silvestre! We may need to review the cPanel/WHM logs on the server or even replicate the issue while running an strace on the process to really understand what is occurring. I think it would be best to open a support ticket so that our analysts can review the issue more thoroughly and determine what exactly is occurring. You can submit a support request using the "Submit a ticket" link in my signature below.

Please be sure to link this thread when opening the ticket and provide the ticket number here so that we can track the issue appropriately. If possible, please post the resolution on this thread as it may help other community members with similar issues.