Feature Manager in WHM for Reseller Question


Jun 16, 2015
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I have hired a reseller plan with WHM...

I created several custom feature lists for some different packages, but none of them work. Nor I have access to edit the default list or the disabled list and it seems that the default one has all the features enabled.

My provider tells me that the default list only can be edited "at system level" and, therefore, any changes would affect all clients of the server ... They can't make nothing for apply only to my plan to let me use any custom feature list that I would create.

That would be correct? The provider has no way to allow a reseller plan enable their own custom feature lists? If this is true, which is the purpose of having acces to the feature manager with WHM?

I think my provider is missing something. It is hard to believe to me that WHM comes with an option (the feature manager) that we cannot use for anything because only there is possible a unique wide server default list that overrides everything.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's true that resellers do not have access to the default and disabled feature lists. However, resellers can create their own feature lists and assign those feature lists to packages, which are then assigned to accounts. For instance, I tested, and was able to disable features on specific feature lists as a reseller.

As far as the default and disabled feature lists, pease vote and add your feedback to the existing feature request for this at:

Reseller default/disabled Feature Lists

Thank you.