Feature Request: Additional Domains


Oct 10, 2001
Tried to go to the feature request place but got an error \"The username or password you entered is not valid\" when typing in my email and pass.

I was wondering if it\'s possible to allow users to host several domains but they all share the same resources.

ex: 500MB Disk quota, 5GB xfer quota, 20 autoreply emails, 15 pop, 10 mySQL, etc. all those resources shared among X domains which the user wishes to set. so if the user has 5 domains and domain1.com uses 400MB, the other 4 domains only have 100MB quota left.

I know bsdwebhosting allows this (create hostable domains on demand), though since this is linux based, not too sure if the same can hold true here.

like add another icon in the cpanel list to create another domain you wish to host.


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