[FEATURE REQUEST] More control over analog reporting please


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Mar 25, 2002

[FEATURE REQUEST] More control over analog reporting please

After we had the same problem ourselves, I've noticed many thread reports of people noticing how massive some of the analog (web ftp stats) files get, especially for heavily hit sites. Since the size of these files contributes to the overall account usage, it's important to keep them in check.

The three main problem areas are:

1. the analog cache file can get very big (but apparently can be deleted without adverse effects)
2. The monthly html files (1.html, 2.html, etc.) can get very big - but for the most part the only one that really matters is the one for the current month because some of the reporting covers all previous months (hence the inevitable accumulation for each successive month).
3. Within each month html report file, some of the sections get absolutely massive relative to the others - especially the very last report section (Request Report).

So, OK, analog is probably provided 'as is' by those lovely Cpanel folks, BUT left unchecked this program can seriously suck up storage space.

Aside from turning it off completely (which has cross our minds), it would great if Cpanel/WHM allowed the ability to
1. Periodically delete the cache file
2. Automatically/optionally delete all the old monthly html files.
3. Turn off some of the sections in an analog monthly report, OR the funtionality to tweak the report sections so that the thresholds were changeable in favour of reporting on less data (eg. change 'Listing files with at least 20 requests' to 'Listing files with at least 200 requests').

Thanks for listening. :)

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