Jun 13, 2006
hi there, just wanting to know where would be the best place to submit a feature request.

the one i would like to see in operation desperatly is an ftp rate/kps restrict/capp facility.

i know we can restrict the rates in the pure-ftpd.conf

# Maximum bandwidth for *all* users (including anonymous) in KB/s
# Use AnonymousBandwidth *or* UserBandwidth, both makes no sense.

UserBandwidth 80

but i dont want to restrict the setting for all users. ive seen alot of posts on this forum about this subject and many have stated the requirement for such a feature request. because many of us hosts get charged on a 95th percentile basis and the spiking of downloads to high kbs/mbs can drive our average through the roof. i have been a cpanel customer for about 4.5 years now and would like to see something done in this area. as i dont doubt others would too.