Features for New Automation software - Enom & cPanel


Jun 28, 2003
Hello all,

We(http://cPanelPlus.net) are in the process of designing
our next product, in this regard we want to discuss the
features that anybody might want to suggest/include
in this product.

The product is going to be a WebBased Automation software for
hosting providers who uses cPanel and purchases domains at Enom.

Here are the features what we have planned,

1. Automatically Registers a DomainName in Enom for the
mentioned number of years
. With the WhoIs Information
. With the NameServers mentioned in the Application configuration
. With the DomainAccess Password

2. Automatically creates a Hosting Account on the Specifed Server
UserName , passwords are assigned automatically.

3. A homepage is created automatically for the EndCustomer on the basis
of a Pre-Choosen/Configurable Template.

4. An Email with All the Hosting details are sent to the End-user automatically

5. This application allows creation of resellers who will be given
a different login to this application from which they can
sell their packages.

6. Resellers are restricted by the number of domains, packages, and Amount of Space.

7. Resellers can directly sell the packages from their login and no need to
create a seperate WHM logn for them.

8. Resellers can Brand the default WhoIs info, default HomePage, Default Emails
accoring to their business names.

9. The application will keep the admin informed about the minimum amount that
should be there in enom account so that it will be sufficient for the
un-purchased number of domains in the resellers accounts.

10. The Packages also has an accounting module to take care of the
Bills, Renewals, Reminder Emails etc

We are looking forward for more inputs/suggestions to make this
application better


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Sep 16, 2003
RE: Features for New Automation software - Enom

Dear ibmbhasi,

The features proposed in your WebBased Automation software are very good.
You can include email backups in your software.
Hope this will help users to manage their domains better.
Looking forward to your product.