Fedora Core 10 exim problem


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Aug 9, 2006

I had a blank Fedora Core 10 server

I ran the cPanel installer script which installed everything fine except exim

When installing exim it tries to install the 4.69-15 version and it fails because there's no rpm of this version for FC10

Trying to build it from source fails when applying the first patch

When I comment the first patch, it fails at: gcc perl.c. It can't find some headers although they are on the server.

I then tried to install exim 4.69-16, there's a rpm package for FC10. It fails with the following error:
perl(SafeFile) is needed by exim-4.69-16_cpanel_maildir.i386

Googling for perl SafeFile shows nothing. There's nothing indicating the existence of such a perl module.

My question is: How can I get cPanel's exim installed on my FC10 server?

Please help