few questions about setting up SSL for WHM/shared


Mar 19, 2002

I'm trying to setup shared SSL for my clients in form of..


I have ready many posts on this, and think I have a handle on this... but can't get the SSL working at all yet... so I first need help on getting SSL to work. I have done this manually many times before on freebsd machines.... yet using the nifty WHM, it does not work.

I bought a cert for the server name. So I figured I would just install using this command "Change cPanel/WHM Certificate"

I was able to generate a key, csr, and install the key just fine using this method. If I click on SSL Manger, all 3 appear.

However, after restarting apache, nothing happened, and there have been no changes to my httpd.conf..... AND there are no ssl hosts listed under "List SSL Hosts".

Do I have to run "Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain" first to get to work? If so, what do I use as the username? root? Can I use same IP as what the rest of my virtuals use? Or do I need a new IP?

Any help would me much appreciated.



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Apr 8, 2003
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Its been a while, but I think that I set it up as:

Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain

As far as what user, I do not remember, but it would make sense to try it as root.

I know that when I list SSL hosts, my hostname shows up there.