Few questions about use cPanel with system avalaible software


Mar 6, 2007
Is it possible to install cPanel without compile and install own version of some components ? I'm thinking about not installing apache, mysql, mailman, horrde, phpMyAdmin, perl modules (where is officialy required by cPanel list of perl modules ?) and other components.

cPanel forces use exim but I think it must be possible to use it for example with postfix (yes I know it will be not supported by cPanel maintainers).
Where I can find description for cPanel MTA and POP3/IMAP interface ? I won't use cPanel with centrally managed SMTP router (via LDAP).
Anyone have working cPanel which interact with system installed postfix ?



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Jan 28, 2005
cpanel would be rendered more or less useless if you change the software you run, it is designed to manage the applications it installs and only those, your server would break every time you updated cpanel, thats aside from all the manual work you would have to do every time you wanted to do anything.

You may as well not bother with it if you need to run the apps you specified above as it wouldnt actually do much!


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Nov 29, 2006
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Is it possible to install cPanel without compile and install own version of some components ?
No, the cPanel/WHM installation is essentially a set and forget type of system. There's no interactivity to the installation process.

Actually if you were to install your own server software, it would cause conflicts when cPanel/WHM attempted to install its own server software and may cause the installation to hang. cPanel and WHM is designed to be installed on a freshly installed Operating System with no server software running as described in our installation guide available at:



Mar 6, 2007
I don't see ANY reasonds for this kind locking cPanlel users.
MTA, IMAP/POP3, PHP, HTTP and ANY other used by cPanel open source components hava well defined interface which allow relace one calss component by another.
Yes I know it can be intentional for make easier maintain and service cPanel but some enviroment have NOW used componemts and not bringing clear documentation for how to customize cPanel for embbed this application in ANY enviroment is kind palin stupidity.
Anyway .. I don't want discuss about this. I'm asking only: where is cPanel documentation about how cPanell iterract with OSS componets and/or what kind of adaptation was added by cPanel installator to this OSS components.
Most of this componets are on GPL so cPanel maintainers MUST bring this kind description because otherwise it is plan breaking GPL license.
Again: where I can find this kind informations ?
For example: on my system few componets was installed from rpm packages and they are on GPL license:

# rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME}\t%{BUILDHOST}\t%{LICENSE}\n" | grep cpanel.net
MySQL-embedded rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
bandmin rpmbuild32.cpanel.net Artistic
courier-imap rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
pure-ftpd rpmbuild32.cpanel.net BSD
MySQL-devel rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
MySQL-client rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
MySQL-server rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
exim rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
courier-authlib rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
courier-authlib-devel rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
MySQL-shared rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
MySQL-bench rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL
frontpage rpmbuild32.cpanel.net free to use but restricted
courier-authlib-pipe rpmbuild32.cpanel.net GPL

Where are stored src.rpm packages for above ?
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