Eli - Dan

Feb 3, 2007
Hi there

I am new to running a VPS, it was the logical step from the hosting I was with. Now, wrongly I thought it cant be that hard! I dont think I am doing to bad so far but there is a few things I have stuck on and I hope someone can help me please :)

Emails, I have created three domains on my one user account (root, is that an issue?) and for each I have created a default email account ([email protected]) but when I try to setup my outlook for it it will not connect. I have also tried the auto config link and that does as it says it will do, but no account is created in outlook.

Creating an account for someone else - I have sold some space to a friend who is going to run a small forum on it. I did create a new account for him, so he was showing as the owner etc, but how can I log into his cpanel, at the moment the only way I can see to get there is as me (root) via WebHost manager.

Thank you


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Feb 3, 2007

I usually don't enter the clients C-panel unless requested to, but when I do, I use the (root) via Web Host manager. Noting that they will change their Password frequent for security reasons.