Apr 20, 2004

In "view relayers" is that the status for the month or just the day?

Also client asked:

I'm needing is access to the MySQL logging so I can determine which are the queries that are miss-behaving. Currently I'm using MySQL Administrator and MySQL Control Centre on my local machine, but it can only access the logs if connected to localhost. So can some logging tool be set up that I can access either via cpanel or remotely that will allow me to monitor and download these logs - what I need to see are the queries that are being called when a page loads - something is not working correctly, but I need to see the log to determine exactly what it is. At worst if the logs could be dumped somewhere where I could FTP them down, would be workable - though not overly suitable as a live solution would be better.


Is there a possible way to give this to the client although he does not have root access? We did not give him root privelage (only reseller account method with every other privelage but DNS/root). This server is on our DNS cluster. What methods can we do to avoid providing root access, yet MySQL monitoring/log access? Perhaps shell?

Also, what about View System Processes and CPU/Memory/MySQL usage history?

Is there a way to provide those 2 as well for him without root access? There is no option for this in reseller center.


What is recommended: normal shell or jailed shell? cPanel's documentation doesn't even clarify the difference of the two.
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