Feb 3, 2019
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please can someone help me!

I’m not amazingly great on code I’m still in the learning stage but I need to get FFMPEG installed on the server and I have no idea how. I checked out YouTube but there wasn’t enough explanation as to where this installation is done. Could anyone help explain it to me!

Thank you x x


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Lunarayven,

Assistance with FFMPEG software application installations (including software that utilizes this software) and technical support for this piece of software are not available from cPanel. While FFMPEG software is distributed subject to GPL licenses, the use and installation of the software may also require patent licenses from third parties.

Because of the legal uncertainty relating to the FFMPEG software application, we are not able to assist in the installation or troubleshooting of FFMPEG.

This is not legal advice or a legal opinion. We are simply explaining that our participation in the installation/troubleshooting of this software is not available. Please see the following location for any legal discussion:

FFmpeg License and Legal Considerations

You can search this forum for "ffmpeg" to see some threads that show how other users have installed it. However, cPanel staff members can not assist you with FFMPEG (including software that utilizes this software).

Thank you.