file downloads corrupt following apache update


Feb 20, 2008
i updated cpanel using its updater and then apache using easyapache3 and since then most file downloads on my websites which use php scripts with sessions are corrupt with message

! C:\Users\***.zip: Unexpected end of archive

and some of the files receive this error

! Seek error in the file C:\Users\***.zip
! An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.

on the majority of these the CRC32 is also 000000 instead of a valid hex checksum

i've been trying to debug this for over a week, ive rolled back apache to 1.3 from 2.0 and php from 5.2.5 to 4.4.5 and it still happens, however with the 4.4.5 fewer files are corrupt than with newer versions.

i am at wits end with this thing my sites are pretty much broken and losing traffic daily.

this error only occurs with .zip and .rar archives, text, document and image formats are fine. is this something in the mime handlers? i can't find the error, but i know that i was on php 4.3 prior to the upgades and now i have no option to return to that, i attempted to restore to a backup apache configuration and it failed, easyapache does not have the option and so i used the command provided via ssh but it failed the build, breaking my apache and i had to rebuild it again using easyapache

all of the downloads having this problem are via scripts which use session ID's such as forums and other "log in" required systems. direct http download links work fine, and scripts such as link indexers, even those which are designed for file sharing and include upload systems work fine, only those with session ID's. example phpbb2.2.22, phpbb3.0, smf, phpATM