File Manager Not Updating Files... Timeout?


May 6, 2004
A customer of ours has reported that going the file manager in their cpanel cannot/will not update existing pages. At first we thought it was some browser issue, but it was confirmed. For example:

1. Login to cpanel
2. Go to file manager
3. Enter public_html folder
4. edit 'foo.txt' which already exists and has some content in it
5. make some insignificant change
6. click save

The file manager window will sit there thinking for upwards of 15-20 minutes before displaying a generic timeout page.

Any ideas what might be causing this? There are no problems creating new files, deleting files, moving/copying files, etc.
I can give specifics about our cPanel version and whatnot:

WHM 6.4.2
Cpanel 6.4.2-S60
RedHat 8.0

Do me a favor and please don't say upgrade to a newer cpanel/whm version. Thanks. :D