Dec 12, 2006
Hello all,

I'm having some trouble with my file manager in cpanel (possibly as a result of chowning and chgrp'ing all files in the user's home directory to that user).

The file manager refuses to:

- rename files
- move files
- edit files (they become blank)
- copy files (the destination file become blank)
- extract files (the destination files/folders don't exist).

I presume this is some self-inflicted permissions/ownership problem, the question is how do I 'reset' permissions/ownership for the user I'm administering? (I have root access to the server.)

I ran:

chown -R vpntunne * (while in /home/vpntunne/public_html)
chgrp -R vpntunne * (while in /home/vpntunne/public_html).

Can anyone suggest a quick fix? This was happening after copying across data from another host to the user's public_html directory, seems the problem is still present.

Thanks all,