File system /dev/sda3 has reached warn status - can't upgrade cPanel


Nov 14, 2013
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For the last week, I've been getting the following email message from my server:
The file system /dev/sda3, which is mounted at /usr, has reached warn status because it is 84% full.

Notification Type: diskwarn
Filesystem: /dev/sda3
Mount Point: /usr
Percentage Full: 84%
Disk Information:

Used: 6.20GB
Available: 1.15GB
Total: 7.75GB

ChkServd Version: 15.2
As a result, I can't upgrade cPanel or MySQL until I decrease the size of that file system. If I drill into it, I find:

root@server1 [/usr]# du -h --max-depth=1
35M ./include
57M ./libexec
658M ./lib
8.0K ./games
3.1G ./local
16K ./X11R6
894M ./share
1.7M ./kerberos
265M ./bin
16K ./lost+found
128K ./man
76K ./doc
12K ./etc
336M ./src
47M ./sbin
5.3G .

Drilling down farther:

root@server1 [/usr/local/cpanel]# du -h --max-depth=1
1.9M ./build-tools
76K ./tmp
728K ./libexec
12M ./lib
360M ./base
4.0K ./.cpanel
180K ./img-sys
192K ./shared
453M ./whostmgr
36K ./htdocs
16K ./sqloptimizer
16K ./docs
248K ./obj
2.1M ./lang
22M ./cgi-sys
4.5M ./Whostmgr
144K ./sys_cpanel
2.4M ./locale
36K ./var
16M ./perl
172M ./logs
84K ./hooks
604K ./share
4.0K ./mail
26M ./cpaddons
284K ./install
44K ./cpupdatepatches
48K ./entropychat
9.6M ./java-sys
301M ./bin
30M ./Cpanel
48K ./php
369M ./3rdparty
32K ./.spamassassin
2.2M ./etc
4.0K ./modules-install
20K ./redhat
12K ./ea2-tools
16K ./t-dist
523M ./src
7.6M ./scripts
2.4G .
I've already deleted all log files, but that only dropped it down about 2%.

My questions is - what can't I delete out of /dev/sda3/ ??


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Typically, it's better to use the recommended partition scheme of:

Recommended Partition

At least 16 GB is recommended for the /usr partition if you are using an advanced partition scheme. There is not really much you can delete as most of the files in /usr are required. You could check /usr/local/apache/logs to see how much space is used there, but for the most part it's likely a partition change is required which often involves an OS reinstall.

Thank you.