Filemanager will not upload / virus detected | *solution*


Nov 18, 2004
Phoenix, Az
I found the solution to this problem through a lot of searching and hopefully this helps anyone else.

I found that I can save a lot of memory by having MailScanner (Courtesy of Chirpy's awesome site) use clamav on each instance instead of the clamd daemon.

If you are trying to use the Filemanager and uploads never make it to your folder and the old File manager gives you a warning about a virus, then this feature is just enabled for the account.

If you have in WHM > Feature Manager > Virus Scanner enabled on an account's feature set, then file uploads will fail without a running clamd.

If you don't want to run clamd, saving yourself the 200MB+ memory footprint, just disable that feature and the old Filemanager and new Filemanager will allow you to upload files without the virus detected warning.

It seems so simple, but that's one checkbox hidden in a lot of features :)