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Nov 19, 2006
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Some clients using third party scripts like Joomla, wordpress Or any other script when install some modules, plugins or templates the ownership of some of the files related to it nobody and it need to reset recursively cause some times these files OR folders can't be set to writable due to nobody ownership.

Why such files got nobody permission, is it relates to phpSuExec?


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Nov 5, 2008
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To avoid an issue of PHP or CGI scripts creating files with a user or group ownership of "nobody" I recommend to consider switching from DSO to SuPHP for the PHP request handler; in addition, I would ensure that SuExec is also enabled (for CGI scripts).

Additional details describing the differences is available within the following documentation:
ApachePHPRequestHandling < EasyApache3 < TWiki

The following menu path in WHM may be used to switch the PHP handler and enable SuExec:
WHM: Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> PHP and SuExec Configuration
Related Documentation:
ConfigurePhp < AllDocumentation/WHMDocs < TWiki