.filter in cpanel-skel, filter not working

Miss Jacky

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Mar 4, 2004
.filter in cpanel-skel, not working (goal: default/global SA filter)

Hi all,

I placed a .filter file in my cpanel3-skel directory, but after creating an account, it doesn't work. In cpanel I can see the filter, but I must manually add a second filter before the first filter will work. (Can delete the 2nd filter after creation, first filter will keep on working.)

Any hints how I can make this standard mailfilter work automagically after creation of a new account?


What i'm trying to do is have a global/default spamassasin config to delete spam that has more than 10 points. I am trying to use this filter as a default:

$h_X-Spam-Level: contains "**********"+++++++/dev/null

Any other way to achieve this, without using a .filter per account?

Tnx in advance for any reply!
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