Filtering: choosing whether to use user or account level


Apr 25, 2008
There's no shortage of explanations of how to set up user and account level filtering but I haven't found anything about how to choose which of the two types to apply in any particular case. I thinking in terms of efficiency for the server and best practise in terms of handling discards, etc. Do they both operate at more or less the same level in the software or does filtering at account level perhaps bypass a whole load of subsequent processing.

I have a simple setup requiring passing one email address and a default account filtered for email addressed ending with a pattern match. Is there a way to return address not known in the latter case? Grateful for any general or specific suggestions or links to useful sources.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I don't suspect you will see a performance gain by using account level filters instead of user level filters. Both filters work the same way, with the exception being that one targets a specific email account and the other targets all email accounts associated with the user. You could set your filter rule to bounce with a specific bounce message if you prefer.

How to Configure Mail Filters

Thank you.