Jul 30, 2014
cPanel Access Level
Website Owner
I have heard people say this filtering is "fantastic" so I must be missing something because is seems to me to be hopeless at stopping spam. If I have a hundred words or phrases I assume I have to enter each one as a separate rule and as the rules are case sensitive the combinations for the input for those hundred words must run into the thousands. I know I can use the regex thing but I have found that overcomplicated and ineffective and still run into the problems of case sensitivey. If it catches a genuine email I have no way of knowing what rules was triggered so fixing he problem is almost immpossible.

The oulook rules are very simple to use and work well but I want to stop spam at the filter rather than have to download.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011

Manual filter rules arn't always the best approach when attempting to prevent incoming SPAM. Your access level suggests you do not have root access to the server. I recommend reaching out to your web hosting provider to see if they can enable some additional options (e.g. Greylisting, RBL scanning, DKIM verification) to help prevent incoming SPAM so you don't have to setup custom filter rules.

Thank you.