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Feb 17, 2012
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Hi, we currently have a VPS with Host Gator that has frequent issues with Apache crashing, system sluggishness, etc. It has about 30+ smallish WordPress or Joomla sites on it. We've dealt a bit with HG support about the issues, but never gotten too far. They usually tell us to move to a dedicated server or to cache all sites and use something like CloudFlare.

We are considering moving to another VPS setup, either on HG or another hosting company (looking at WiredTree & LiquidWeb so far). We are also considering moving up to a dedicated server if this would help.

But we probably need someone much more experienced then we are to look through our existing settings to see where the problems might be, then help optimize a new server to avoid these problems as much as possible going forward. We wish we could trust the host to do this, but pretty sure a big company like Host Gator just sets things up in a more generalized or default manner.

- Any resources to find good, reliable, experienced server management consultants?? I know they'll all say they can do the job.

We probably need someone with good experience in overall WHM/cPanel setup, MySQL optimization, Apache & PHP setup, and mail server setup and optimization (including EXIM settings and good spam filtering).

Thanks. Any other sources for us to look for this would be welcome.
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