First-timer Cpanel / WHM needs help ...


Dec 4, 2008
Hi there,

I am totally new to Cpanel / WHM so please bear with me :)

It took me a couple of days to get used to LxAdmin and now with Cpanel / WHM everything seems extremely complicated however I realise that it is far more complex in features and performance than LxAdmin which is easier, easier ...

So lemme start with this scenario:

1. I took a VPS account with only 1 IP.
The hostname of my server is:
Myself I have a couple of other domains BUT I want to do paid shared hosting as well.

2. I went to the domain registrar and created 2 nameservers:

3. I have launched Cpanel/WHM from http://myIP:2086.

Followed the wizard and set up the basic configuration.

Now here's where I am getting stuck !!!
Basically with nameservers and accounts and all that ... I am all confused.

What I did I have created a package called "myfreedomains" and gave everything unlimited.
Then I have created an account in WHM called "admin" .... but I had no choice but creating it with the domain "" and with the package "myfreedomains".
Now it has created a conflict in the DNS Zone because "" is somehow owned by root and it didn't let me create the account for "admin" unless I have deleted the default DNS zone created during setup.

OK, I finally have created the account "admin". Logged in to http://myIP:2082 Client control panel and added 2 domains. Wanted to add a parked one but got a wrapper error message, even though at the registrar the nameservers are and

Tried to add it from WHM (Park Domain in the DNS functions section) but got a red message "Invalid domain".

So here I am, don't know how to go from here.

So I want to have all my domains hosted under the acount "admin" for free.

Then, I want to do shared hosting with different paid packages.

Here's my question : should I create a reseller account for that or can I do it directly from WHM ? I mean every time a clienty orders a hosting package, I should just "Create new account" and select a package for it ?

Another problem would be that now if I ping my nameservers (ns1 and ns2) from a DOS prompt, I am getting an error that the hosts cannot be found. If I ping just though, I am getting a response from my IP (which is obviously the IP of the namservers as well).

Definitely something's messed up. And this is the second time I am reinstalling Cpanel /WHM.

Thanks a lot, I guess I will have other questions.

Any help, enlightening is greatly appreciated.