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Apr 23, 2003
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By guessing I figured out how to fix the crap in Edit Setup for the fourth name server. When "ns4" is in wwwacct.conf and not "NS4", new accounts are not created with it. By simply changing it to "NS4" and deleing the extra crap it is fixed and new account creations get the fourth name server if one is set.

edit /etc/wwwacct.conf
replace ns4 with NS4
delete any ns4-0, ns4-1, etc.

Console commands:
pico /etc/wwwacct.conf
Ctrl+O to save
Ctrl+X to exit

I also noticed that if you change it back to ns4 and use Edit Setup page it adds ns-0 again, so just leave it at "NS4". Support Ticket Number: 38599
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