Fix for Server URL 301 Redirecting to Error Page


Jul 9, 2014
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When I visit my WHM server, which is on lets say is, I am 301 redirected to an error page.

What is the expected behavior?

What I want to happen is for the server url to redirect port 80 folks to the secure WHM login screen like this.... ->

More details on my scenario....

- when I go directly to I am correctly redirected to the secured whm login screen. This is also true for

- is the whm hostname, but does not have a hosting account on the WHM server.

- I do have a valid wildcard ssl certificate for

- My Tweaks "Always redirect to SSL" is marked yes, but that feature doesn't give me an option to specify a valid ssl destination. Why?

- I ran scripts/rebuildhttpdconf and get "Missing owner for domain, force lookup to root".

What I want...


By default I want clients and admins visiting the server's domain on port 80 to get redirected to a secure WHM login screen....


Since I have a wildcard ssl..... I would like an option to make my hosting customer's temp urls to be.....

https://{cpaneluser} instead

... with proper http: redirect of course....

For now, I would settle for understanding current best practice as they relate to the expected default behavior.

I can't tell right now if things are working by design... or if I set something up wrong....
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