Jan 5, 2005
cPanel has a lot of scripts included that are fix this and fix that to solve common bugs. I have two questions about these scripts.

#1 - if the reasons for these bugs are known, why don't the cPanel developers just fix the bugs rather than including a fix script? I'm a developer myself, I realize this is not necessarily an easy question to answer. I have not looked into the fix scripts to see what they're really doing, and of course I can't see the cPanel code to help find the bugs. Still, it really seems like a kludge to include scripts to fix all of the known bugs.

#2 - since that obviously won't happen tomorrow (if at all), would it be smart to set up a cronjob which would run these fix scripts on a regular basis? It seems that about 50% of the support requests I receive are solved with one of these scripts (and 45% are questions like "how do I change my password?"). It seems that the cronjob would at least reduce the number of requests. Are the fix scripts likely to damage anything if the fix isn't needed? Any other problems this might cause?


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Apr 7, 2003
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most of the time the cpanel software is not the reason people have to use the scripts, every so often cpanel will have a software bug but most of the time the scripts are there to either make a difficult task easy or to repair where the server admin/user screwed up.

as for running them on a cron some of the scripts can do more harm than good if ran and not needed.