Fixing mailman mailing list after server move


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Aug 15, 2001
When using the account copy function in WHM to copy an account from one server to another, it seems that mailman mailing lists are not copied correctly.

Specifically, when you try to access the mailing list admin page at then all the links in the page will show instead!

This is because the account copy script has not updated the config for the list correctly.

To fix this:

1. Log on to the server using SSH and go to /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman

2. Output a mailman configuration file for that mailing list using:

bin/config_list -o qq mailinglistname

This causes mailman to write the config for the mailinglistname list to the text file qq

3. Edit the qq config file using:

pico qq

4. Search for web_page_url (use ctrl-W). Probably you won't find an entry for this variable, just the comment (with a # at the front). If so, add a blank line under the comment and type:

web_page_url = ''

replacing of course. Save the file (ctrl-X).

5. Import the edited configuration back into mailman, using:

bin/config_list -i qq mailinglistname

6. Verify that the admin interface now works correctly with the correct links.

(Another thing to add to the list of fixes for the generally excellent account copy script please! Tks.) Support Ticket Number: