Fixing named/bind rndc connection refused issues on FreeBSD


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May 23, 2003
If you're getting this error when using the named server on FreeBSD:

failed connecting to rnd load failed: connection refused

Then likely your named.conf file is missing reference to rndc key. To fix this problem, do two things:

1) ln -s /etc/namedb/named.conf /etc/named.conf (Because FBSD looks for /etc/named.conf)

2) Edit your named.conf and add the following line to the top:

include "/etc/namedb/rndc.key";

controls {
inet allow { localhost; YourDNSIPAddress; } keys { "rndc-key"; };
3) Restart your bind server, note use /scripts/restartsrv_bind , do NOT use restartsrv_named as it breaks bind on FBSD.

Hope this helps someone..